Certified Data Destruction

Secure Certified Data Destruction Services


Worried about protecting sensitive company, personal or proprietary data? So are we!

METech Recycling’s Certified Data Destruction program is the only way to be sure that your company’s proprietary data, confidential client or patient information, or valuable intellectual property does not fall into the wrong hands. Our process ensures that your sensitive information is secure and cannot be retrieved by anyone, regardless of which service is chosen.

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Secure Certified Software Data Eradication

METech Recycling offers single, 3 or 7-pass software data destruction services. All data containing devices are sanitized to National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) 800-88 and Department of Defense (DoD) 5220.22-M data erasure standards, and are physically tracked from receipt to final disposition. Data containing devices that fail to boot, mount, detect, or are otherwise inaccessible are physically destroyed by our in-house shredding capabilities. A Certificate of Data Destruction is provided for all software data eradication and/or physical destruction jobs.

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Secure Certified Physical Destruction

METech Recycling offers secure certified physical data destruction services catered to the ever growing needs of our clients. We provide secure tracking and certified destruction of data containing devices, obsolete products and excess inventories utilizing our in-house mechanical shredding and sorting capabilities. Each product is tracked by multiple data points through our customized tracking and reporting system. A Certificate of Destruction & Recycling is provided for all certified destruction jobs.

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