California Electronics Recycling

About Our California Electronics Recycling Facility

Situated on US101 just south of San Jose in Silicon Valley, our California electronics recycling location is in the city of Gilroy and covers the entire San Francisco Bay Area along with many national accounts. It has mechanical processing and separation equipment that prepares e-waste materials for shipment to copper and precious metal smelters and can provide certified product destruction catered to the needs of your organization. Our Gilroy facility is a permitted Covered Electronic Waste Collector and Recycler, with the ability to handle all California electronics recycling and e-waste disposal requirements. In addition to electronics recycling, our Information Technology Asset Management (ITAM) & Disposition (ITAD) HQ is in a separate adjacent building in Gilroy. Metech IT Asset Management (ITAM) Services functionally tests, sanitizes delicate customer data containing devices, refurbishes and re-markets IT, computer, medical and industrial equipment from this site.

EPA Identification Number CAD077182293
Air Permit (Bay Area Air Quality Management District) Plant #14918
California Motor Carrier Permit
Covered Electronic Waste Collector and Recycler (SB20) Permit #101719
Gilroy Hazardous Materials Permit #620
Stormwater Permit

Our Certifications

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