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Recycling of Sony Products

How It Works

Consumers can bring up to 5 Sony branded products to any Metech Recycling location. They complete a brief form and Sony covers the costs to recycle those products. It’s that simple. Find a Metech Recycling Facility near you.

What Happens to Your Old Sony Product?

Your product will be responsibly recycled by Metech Recycling. We are ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 14001:2004 certified and meet the highest standards for electronics recycling. This means that the products will be disassembled into plastic, metal, circuit boards, glass and wire, and then processed and reintroduced to the manufacturing process as raw materials. Metech Recycling does not landfill or export hazardous electronic waste. All hard drives on systems that are recycled are shredded, ensuring data security.


If you have questions about your materials or the recycling process please contact Metech Recycling directly at 866.479.4920 (Toll Free).