IT Asset Management (ITAM)

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Inbound Client IT Assets

What happens to my IT assets when working with METech Recycling IT Asset Management Services?

Potential resale materials destined for functionality testing, refurbishment and reuse are received, screened, and sorted by qualified METech Recycling ITAM Services personnel at company controlled processing facilities nationwide. Using our proprietary enterprise resource planning system, each qualified asset is entered into our database by manufacturer serial number, client asset tag number, and a number of other key asset specific identifiers. We also affix each asset with a unique system generated Traveler ID barcode sticker, giving us yet another means to track each client asset through every step of our value added ITAM process. 

Services, ITAM, ITAD, Data Destruction, Certified Destruction, Electronics Recycling

Diagnostics & Refurbishment

How are my IT assets tested, refurbished and made ready for secondary markets?

As an e-Stewards® Certified Electronics Recycler, R2 Responsible Recycler and Microsoft Registered Refurbisher, it is mandated that all client assets are fully tested for functionality, graded, cleaned and refurbished by our team of qualified hardware technicians prior to sale. Depending on the asset type and reuse worthiness, we run a magnitude of system diagnostics testing, as well as eradicate all client data present (when applicable). This detailed process results in giving our clients the maximum return on their retired, overstock, and/or end of life IT electronics, and reassurance that each qualifying asset has been given a new lease on life!

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Data Security

Worried about protecting sensitive company, personal or proprietary data? So are we!

METech Recycling IT Asset Management (ITAM) Services offers single, 3 or 7-pass software data eradication services. All data containing devices are sanitized to National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) 800-88 and Department of Defense (DoD) 5220.22M data erasure standards, and are physically tracked from receipt to final disposition. Data containing devices that fail to boot, mount, detect, or are otherwise inaccessible are physically destroyed by our in-house shredding capabilities. A Certificate of Data Destruction is provided for all software data eradication and/or physical destruction jobs.

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Reverse Logistics & Redeployment

Do you have issues with excess inventory, warehouse space or IT asset redeployment?

Fully functional finished goods are inventoried and stored in a clean and secure CCTV protected environment until they are picked, cleaned, packaged and shipped. Do you have space issues in your warehouse? Unsure if you want to retire or dispose of assets that are in your way, today? Do you need someone to track and manage the redeployment of your IT assets to another company facility? We can help. METech Recycling ITAM Services can provide storage, reverse logistics, and redeployment services catered specifically to our client’s ever-growing requirements. Click here for more information!

Services, ITAM, ITAD, Data Destruction, Certified Destruction, Electronics Recycling

IT Asset Re-marketing

How does METech re-market my company’s IT and corporate assets?

Each fully tested and refurbished client asset is made available for sale and is sold into secondary markets, both here in the United States and abroad. METech Recycling ITAM Services strives to find the right buyer for your materials, each and every time. We utilize a number of sales channels and methods to ensure our clients the highest return for their retired, overstock, end-of-life IT and corporate electronics, and other office materials.

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Reporting & Client Portal Access

Does METech provide asset reporting with online client portal access? Of course we do!

A full audit report is provided for each client inbound load of materials. Our ITAM reports contain extremely detailed itemized asset specific details such as: order number, order receipt date, serial number, asset tag number, manufacturer, model/part number, product type, technical specifications, test results, known failures and/or issues, equipment grade, applicable processing, test and refurbishment fees, and financial disclosure. Our clients can opt to receive our reporting by mail, email, or by using our Online Client Reporting Portal. It’s that easy!

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