Electronics Recycling

Finding a resource to responsibly recycle a wide range of electronics can be challenging.  From standard business and IT equipment, to biotech, medical devices and consumer electronics recycling, we can help. METech Recycling invests in the labor-intensive process of disassembling and separating electronic devices into four distinct material streams: precious metals, other metals, plastics, and glass, prior to utilizing our in-house mechanical shredding capabilities to further reduce the commodities particulate size before smelting and reintroduction into new manufacturing – a complete cradle to cradle approach!  Examples of the range of products we de-manufacture, shred and recycle responsibly include consumer electronics, outdated telecom, data center & medical equipment, as well as all computer products — virtually anything with a circuit board! METech Recycling’s facilities efficiently process millions of pounds of electronic equipment while providing detailed tracking and reporting for clients.

METech Recycling is your partner in demonstrating sustainable business practices and avoiding environmental and professional liability. As a BAN e-Stewards® Certified Electronics Recycler, and R2 Responsible Recycler, we customize electronics recycling, inventory management and disposal solutions to meet your needs. Electronics recycling is serious business and clients benefit from our transparent tracking and audit processes for commodity recovery and recycling.  Manufacturers, contract manufacturers, and repair centers know that occasionally products must be securely destroyed and recycled to protect brand identity or intellectual property. METech Recycling offers Secure Physical Destruction of these products, and provides documentation to keep unauthorized products from reaching secondary markets.

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