e-Waste Recycling- EHOH 6614 Video

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METech – Eco-Responsible Recyclers
March 1, 2013
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33,636 pounds of CO e-waste recycled!
July 8, 2013
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e-Waste Recycling- EHOH 6614 Video

Electronic Recycling- EHOH 6614 Oscar Night Video

Electronic recycling can be done locally and responsibly and this video will show you how Denver is doing the right thing. We first illustrate that everyone uses electronics and how few are recycled in America. Next, we show what happens to the majority of electronics that get irresponsibly shipped to China and parts of Africa where they cause health and environmental problems. So what is a Coloradan to do? First, we highlight Metech Recycling which is a certified electronic recycling company in Denver, Colorado.

Metech Recycling responsibly and safely breaks down electronics for reuse and recycling purposes. Since Metech Recycling collects most of is electronics at events, we then feature the Denver Recycles electronic recycling event in which over 600 people brought electronics to be recycled for a smaller fee than typically required because Comcast picked up the rest of the cost of the event. This is a great example of local and responsible electronic recycling in Denver, Colorado!

Chris Jackson
Chris Jackson
15+ year IT Asset Management and E-Waste Industry Professional.

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