33,636 pounds of CO e-waste recycled!

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e-Waste Recycling- EHOH 6614 Video
May 2, 2013
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METech praised for responsible recycling!
September 2, 2013
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33,636 pounds of CO e-waste recycled!

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LAFAYETTE – Residents from around Boulder and Weld counties brought in 33,636 pounds of old electronic equipment to be recycled in a one-day event presented by the city of Lafayette and town of Erie in June, according to a statement released Monday.

In all, miscellaneous electronics equipment accounted for 11,953 pounds of material collected at the Saturday, June 1, event. Televisions accounted for 10,375 pounds. Computer monitors were 5,762 pounds and other computer parts made up 5,546 pounds.

About 65 workers at the METech Recycling office in Denver will break down the equipment and sell the various commodities in it, including copper and plastic, said Allyson Weaver, a company spokeswoman. The event generated about $6,000 for Metech, an industry-certified private company based in Worcester, Massachusetts, Weaver said.

Residents paid varying fees – from $2 to $25 – to dispose of devices such as cellphones, computers and televisions, according to a press release. Various electronic devices – mostly computer devices and televisions – cannot be thrown into Colorado landfills following a law that went into effect July 1. Electronic “e-waste” has hazardous components such as lead, mercury, arsenic, cadmium, chromium and silver. Computer batteries also may contain nickel-cadmium, lithium or sealed lead acid, according to the press release.

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